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About Tutorlynk Student Version

This could be 11 th hour before exam, no worries check the on demand available Tutors in your neighborhood or in your campus. Tutor will come in person to your location to teach the subject you want. If you don’t like the Tutor we will credit it back and next time you won’t get the same Tutor.

How this works

1. Register with Tutorlynk and create a profile.
2. Select subjects you want help, within minutes Tutor will accepts your request if available.
3. After Tutor accepting your request you can track his Travel until arrived.
4. One Arrived please start the clock in the app to record teaching time.
5. Please complete payment after Tutoring is done
** We advise students always choose public places for your Tutoring like Library or cafeteria or place where you secure. If you are a younger student we recommend tutoring should be under your parent’s supervision.